The art of gratitude in a selfish world

What is Canadian Thanksgiving without a post about gratitude, what you’re thankful for etc? This shit practically could write itself (1. coffee, 2. heels…..) however my post today isn’t going to be a “Top Ten” or “Countdown” of things I am thankful for this season. This post is a reality check, and a writing on bringing yourself back to a happier, healthier place through gratitude.



Our world is selfish. That is, our modern, rich, first world countries are selfish. We take and buy and want more on a regular basis. Got a great job? Oh but I need the promotion right away? Got a new top? Oh, but I can’t afford it in every colour so I must suck. Don’t look like the models on Instagram? Gotta go buy something to fix that so I can be better looking. Notice it is all about “I”. Yes there are BEAUTIFUL humanitarian efforts out there, however my gripe with those is that sometimes (more often than not) you get to put your name up on display, change your Facebook photo with a “stand for Paris” filter, or advertise online about your current race you are running, asking for pledges. While I know the principal of marketing where you have to get something out of it, it is like we feel a need for the world to THANK us for our contributions. (mind you if people got an award every time they held the door open for someone with an arm full of stuff maybe they’d do it more often….). The question remains, as we band together to do these amazing things, is it more important to take a selfie or reflect on the amazing life we currently have?

Gratitude and actively seeking out the good in your day can really alter  your perspective, and make it easier to get up in the morning. For example, switching industries has been very tough for me. I am pretty much the newbie in every meeting since I have the  least experience, and oftentimes struggle through. However when work is tough and I find myself ugly-crying in the elevator at the end of the day I get it together after and think about how lucky I am. I get to change industries while others are stuck in a world they hate due to necessity. The chance I have been given is once in a lifetime. So EVEN when the day sucks, I am still so thankful for getting my shot. Pretty sweet right?

Moving past ME and my ambitions though, I am also grateful for the ability to influence others lives in a positive way. The internet is a huge platform to allow each of us to connect and make someone’s day a little brighter from a million miles away. It also allows us to band together, and create changes in the world through connecting over similar interests. Then there is the ability we all have to simply smile at someone in the hallway, and change the trajectory of their day. That is a pretty amazing power, and one I am grateful to have and put into practice.

So how can you start being grateful in a world that keeps telling you that what you have is not good enough? You buckle down and get serious about your gratitude.  First, start with things you are simply thankful for and write them down. Selfish or not, you have to start somewhere, and writing things down can solidify them. Now, begin to think about how you can integrate this into your routine. Once a week? Once a day? Start where you need to just like a work out. Take time every weekend to write down what you are grateful for that happened to you that week, the things in your home you love, etc. Over time, you will notice you are writing for awhile and it will be beneficial to write everyday. This stems from the idea to take time to reflect. If you have a quiet moment, think of what you are grateful for. Make a small list, and then return to daydreaming, it will become habit.

This all being said, sometimes we can feel lost when we embark on a new adventure, so below are some quick tips to starting.

  • Start with things you own ie: your favourite pair of shoes, laptop, anything you get joy from. Just be grateful you own it!
  • Next try being grateful for something in your town.
  • Next try listing out people in your life you are grateful for.
  • Next list out qualities about yourself you are grateful for.
  • Next list things in the world you are grateful for (specific countries you took a trip in, anything like that).
  • Finally, and most importantly, every time you reflect on gratitude, think of WHY you are grateful for it. This will help solidify the positive and really, truly make you see how lucky you are.


Have a fantastic day all! I hope you feel #thankful, #grateful, and #blessed, and will use practicing gratitude to bring more sunshine to your day!





PS- Here is a great 30 day challenge to get you started! Let me know how you are doing, and if you want to see my 30 day challenge follow me on Instagram @businessbasic !





My Top 4 Coffee Alternatives – for when you maybe over did it

Finding yourself going a little crazy around cup 3? Do people wonder if your blood type is really “C” for Coffee? If you find yourself looking a little bit ratchet like the kitty cat below maybe it is time to re-evaluate your life (or at least your coffee intake). The following are some of my coffee alternatives which should help ease the pain 😉 xo

Image result for over caffeinated meme

  1. Kombucha-As Kombucha tea brand RISE says ”

    THERE’S NO MAGIC OR SPELL-CASTING INVOLVED AND YOU DON’T NEED TO OWN A SET OF BONGOS TO MAKE KOMBUCHA- Just be ready to add “giant gelatinous pancake of yeast and bacteria” to your shopping list.”

    Insanely good for you (see 8 health benefits chart below) Kombucha is delicious, bubbly like champagne, and even gives you an energy boost (2)! I love drinking it as the bubbles make me feel more alert (maybe I am just wishing it were champagne though….) and it keeps my gut happy. Not to mention, it provides quick and easy energy, and you can get an extra zing if it is made with Green Tea or ginger! Careful on the type you’re drinking though, it could be loaded with sugar and then you’ll be covering up zits for weeks and asking me for makeup tips.


Kombucha health benefits - Dr. Axe


2. Arbonne Fizz Sticks

Man these babies are fun AND tasty, leaving people wondering what is giving you that pep in your step! Arbonne’s Fizz Sticks come in two flavours: Citrus and Pomegranate. The Pomegranate 100% looks like beer, so you could totally fool someone if you put it in a pint glass, while the Citrus looks like liquid candy.

  • Made with select botanical extracts of green tea, guarana and Panax ginseng combined with B vitamins and chromium fizz sticks create a bubbly drink to bring you back to life without giving you gut rot. Not to mention they help the body metabolize carbohydrates, fats and proteins, which we all need when we are stuck at our desks for so long! They are formulated with stevia also, so ultra-low on the sugar scale!
Image result for arbonne fizz sticks

Want to try? visit !

3. Green Tea

Good old green tea! You can get this shit anywhere, and make it extra useful by adding in a lemon when you steep it to get some antibacterial properties in there as well! Green Tea is great because you get the caffeine boost with out the crazy jitters. 1 cup has 24-40 milligrams of caffeine vs 95 in a cup of coffee, so you are boosting yourself up without being extra about it. Image result for coffee jitters meme

Green tea has a little caffeine for energy, but it also contains  L-theanine that helps the brain get its focus on when combined with caffeine (3). So instead of reaching for another espresso before pumping out that financial model, have a green tea to get you over your afternoon slump!

4. Nourishing Waves Plus

This product is an everyday product that I put in my smoothies, or a glass of water in the morning. It is a 100% natural liquid kelp concentrate with added therapeutic doses of silicon, biotin, selenium, magnesium, vitamins C, niacinamide and vitamin B6 which are needed to support and repair connective tissue including hair, nails and skin. It also is touted as boosting the metabolism by providing iodine and selenium, supporting your thyroid.

Why the heck should you be drinking kelp?!


Image result for ariel kelp

  • Plenty of B vitamins. B vitamins are considered energy vitamins(1), and will have you Buzzing all day long! They play an important role in energy metabolism, which means it helps the body be more efficient in how it turns the fats, carbohydrates and proteins from the foods we eat into usable energy to get us through our day. So you’re going to have better hair, skin and nails, and be pumped up naturally during your day. I find this really lifts away the morning fog.






Review: Become a hottie with Pilates at Studio Zee Pilates in #HamOnt

Last week I had the absolute pleasure of attending a barre and pilates class hosted by Stacey Ziebarth, director and namesake of Studio Zee.

Pilates emphasizes your core including abdomen, obliques, lower back, in addition to inner and outer thigh, glutes. One of the key pros of this exercise form is the lowered chance of industry while still gaining strength and flexibility. While you may picture moms in yoga pants bouncing around a studio, the movements actually require incredible core strength.

Stacey lead an amazing introductory class that even gave me a run for my money, who would have thought holding a 2lb sand ball while doing  plies could get you so sore! What I appreciated most as a first time pilates goer (I know, shocking eh? Haven’t been living up to my “basic” title!) was that Stacey provided solid guidance on poise and posture. Check us out below!

Me and my bestie trying out Studio Zee! Check out her blog at for everything #HamOnt!

A beautiful studio with lots to offer, Studio Zee has an experience for everyone. Want to sweat? Check out barre class? Looking to rehab an old injury? Try out Stacey’s moving mats or Cadillac mat which allow for lighter movements that are safer on your joints and can assist you into position. Stacey and her team at the studio can whip you into shape in no time!

Studio Zee is also right above Stacey’s other venture Zee Float, which offers float therapy. In a private room floating in ambient temperature salt water it are able to let go of anxiety and tension. This therapy can alleviate stress, increase creativity, diminish depression, and even help improve athletic performance through visualization.

Stacey has created something truly special at Studio Zee, and while I’m no ballerina, might rather take a nap on the super soft mat and certainly need to work on my shotty posture  I had a fantastic experience!

Get out there and become a hottie with Pilates! You’ve got one life, may as well try something new! ❤️

Staying healthy at your desk job

It’s tough when you don’t have the freedom to work out at 1 in the afternoon everyday (my personal fave workout time). It’s also tough when you are spending the majority of your productive hours sitting at your desk, and you don’t even have time to get up to move. Being sedentary, you also begin to crave goodies from the news stand downstairs or some seriously saucy pad thai, only a 1 minute walk away.

So the question I am trying to answer for you today is HOW THE F*CK DO YOU STAY HEALTHY AT YOUR DESK JOB??

I certainly do not have all of the answers, but I do have some tips to help you out, and they are coming from experience!

Meal prep. It is a pain in the ass but it is key!

UGH PLANNING WHAT TO EAT?! NO THANKS. That’s what I used to think, especially with so many lunch options around my office. Then my bank account, and my body were screaming for me to stop going out. So my honest advice is suck it up, make shit you like, and eat it during the week. I always find when I spend time meal prepping, I get creative, and actually enjoy it in the end. Furthermore, I feel guilty eating out as I have something in my bag that I took the time to make, so I don’t! Often, when getting invited out to lunch I will eat beforehand, and still take the walk because any chance to get up from your desk should be taken.

It takes discipline, but so does being a true boss bitch. I will be doing a more in-depth meal prep post later, but for now my staples include:

  1. A complex carb (black rice, quinoa, whole grain cous cous, etc) or carby veg like sweet potato.
  2. Good protein; lean chicken on my non-vegan day, then chickpea, black beans, lentils, gosh there are so many choices!
  3. Side greens salad: easy way to get your greens, bring it on the side so you don’t microwave it!
  4. Roasted veg. Make a pan covered in peppers, broccoli, green beans, cauliflower, zucchini, ah fuck it doesn’t matter. This is the EASIEST way to cook a variety of veggies so you are winning.
  5. Put it all together and boom. Done. Meal = Prepped.


Maximize your weekday workouts.

Ok so we have established we are busy AF and have no time, and are tired, run down etc etc, the last thing you probably want to do is work out. IT IS WORTH IT. DO IT! I am NOT a morning person. I just can’t. I have tried to motivate myself by reading the research, promising myself treats, laying out my workout clothes, and I just cannot get up to do it in the morning. Sometimes we have to accept our limitations… and our basic needs for sleep….

That being said, in 30 minutes you CAN get a fantastic workout in to keep you healthy throughout the week. My friends, it’s called HIIT and its awesome! Save your big muscle building sessions for the weekends, and keep your body at performing level by using High Intensity Interval Training to get the most out of your limited time. It’ll kick your ass, but you will use your energy effectively, and according to many authorities such as Health Fitness Revolution, you burn more calories in 15 minutes of HIIT than an hour jog. Half the struggle of achieving any of your goals is time management, so get effective, use Google, and find a HIIT workout that’s right for you.


Limit your coffee (WHAT?!)

Did you ever think you’d hear me say that?? haha.
Personally, I am still working on this one, but it is true. Too much caffeine can lead to shakes, increased anxiety, and general unrest at night. Currently I am down from 5 cups a day to 3, so I am killing it!
One of the things I try to do is TRULY enjoy my first cup of morning coffee. I make or buy a seriously good cup, and take the first ten minutes at my desk in the morning to clear through emails, and taste the coffee. Some coffee is nutty, others have cacao undertones. Get mindful and enjoy your coffee, and turn it into a productivity ritual. Clearing your mind before getting into the nitty gritty of your job can make a big difference!

BUT EMILY…. how do you keep your energy up???

Truth is I have a few fave products that I will be highlighting later in the week, so stay tuned! Also a number one healthy chick’s bestie: Water.  Drink it. Drink it with lemon, drink it with cucumber, drink it plain, just drink it. Your body runs on water, why deny it? Having a seriously hard time? Set alarms on your phone, or events in your Outlook calendar that say DRINK WATER. You will figure it out sooner or later. You are smart. Without water however you become sluggish, foggy, and generally unpleasant. Stop being the office witch and drink some damn water.

Feed your mind.

Even if it is just a little bit throughout the day, feed your mind with something positive. Change your phone background to a positive quote, bring a photo that makes you smile to your desk (if you have hotel desks, keep a small one in your bag to set up each day), take a 5 minute break to look up cute kitten videos, and if your workplace permits, listen to positivity training on YouTube while you hammer out some spreadsheets. Your mind is the gateway to your health. Don’t feel like working out? Likely because you have talked yourself down. Motivation is mental. Feed yourself motivational quotes, inspiration, creativity, and positivity. Even little reminders during the day will help your mind stay in a place of purpose, not a place of negativity.

Do your best, don’t be a hater. 

With the above points being considered, don’t be a hater. Do NOT get down on yourself if you miss your workout, or eat some doughnuts that were in the office (I mean how can you resist DOUGHNUTS?!)




But seriously. Do your best. Living a healthy lifestyle should be a goal forever not just for tomorrow. It will be hard to keep going if you are in a boxing match with yourself over a couple calories, or having a busy day at work and truly needing to just sleep after. You are amazing for going against the grain and trying to take care of yourself. A goddamn goddess really. So remember that.




Are you setting the bar too high? 

Being overwhelmed essentially feels like having the ice bucket challenge (does anyone else remember that?!) conducted to you over and over with no end in sight. Just as you get a gulp of air and your hair starts to dry, the bucket gets dumped and the icy shock hits you yet again. 

It is unproductive, and demoralizing to be overwhelmed but we all get there. I for instance, am 1.5 weeks into my very first finance co op and feeling like someone keeps adding weight to my squat rack. Today I ended up hitting a wall, and after some serious frustration, wishing Microsoft had never made Excel, and crying in the bathroom my supervisor told me to stop setting the bar so high. “You’re brand new and in a brand new industry. I don’t even have a bar set for you… stop setting the bar so high for yourself”

Hold up. What?! That was definitely my first thought. Being in a high pressure industry full of people with countless smarts and achievements, I’ve been told to raise the bar higher. Hell as a young woman everyday I was told to “step it up” “push the boundaries” and “break the mould”.  People are especially interested in seeing young girls achieve their goals in math or science and constantly tell them to “just push a little harder”. But when does this become too much? 

I have been sitting on my commute home reflecting on my boss’s suggestion. A very non-classic type A, despite my desk being converted in sticky notes I definitely have high performance standards. (They just start to kick in after a few coffees, nbd). The truth is though, expecting  to be perfect right away has made me miss some details and in my job, details are everything. 

Dallas Green sings in his song “The Grand Optomist” about feeling like a jack of all trades who is a master of none. If we keep pushing  to be perfect right off the bat we may miss the chance to ever be a master at anything because we are  too focused on the next thing, or too caught up in the minute details of a process that don’t matter. 

So maybe it’s ok to take a step back before moving forward and acknowledge that today may not have been perfect, but we are alive and so so lucky that we get to start over again tomorrow.

Xoxoxo Here’s to tomorrow, hitting the reset button after your Americano, and for once not destroying the excel macro you need to do your job. Who knows, maybe I’ll even have earned myself a glass of wine 😉 

Review: Dreams are come true in the No Tell Motel

Brunch and basic, they go together like Barbie and her dream house. I will admit, I am not one to often enjoy this meal time (put me in the basic burn book, I know) as I am allergic to most of the offerings, but sometimes it is worth the discomfort to indulge in something truly special. Its called….


TREAT YO SELF and it is a totally valid thing. You work hard, you deserve it.

Now, in my pink, sparkly blonde opinion this is best done with champagne.  As myself and a friend ventured out in #HamOnt, one of the ways I chose where to indulge was by seeing what was topping the charts as a new hot spot. Enter MOTEL.

Unassuming from the front, this gem can be found in the reviving Barton Village in Hamilton’s east end. Millennial pink, straight out of the 1980’s, Motel offers one of the best treat yoself brunch in town. Even better? It brings my two homes (Toronto and Hamilton) together, as it comes from Chris Hewlett, the father of Toronto’s famous brunch location, School. Something so distinctly “The 6ix” right near me sure is fantastic when I need my fix! Motel transports you right away, with a beautiful selection of boozy beverages to choose from. Naturally, as champagne IS the ultimate treat, we chose mimosas! Blood orange, and Raspberry Mint. WHAT a dream. Not to mention the garnishes are to die for.


Then enter the holy grail of basic brunch: MOTHA F*CKIN CHAMPAGNE PANCAKES!

Yes I am serious.

They are decadent, stacked high as can be, covered in a beautiful cream and then BEST OF ALL:




You heard me, I ate gold flakes for breakfast.

Though it killed my egg-allergic lactose free stomach and I ended up curled on my couch with my mermaid blanket and a cup of peppermint tea after, it was totally 100% worth it.

Each bite tasted like heaven and if you haven’t been to Motel, you’re missing out.

You are absolutely worth gold flake covered champagne clouds of happiness. Keep doing you boo, but if you end up in Hamilton, make sure to check in and hang out at the NO TELL MOTEL HOLIDAY INN! (Located at 359 Barton St E in Hamilton, ON)  and check out paradise in the middle of the city!



Hitting RESET on your dreams; the pain and the progress of Starting Over

I have come to realize that one of the only ways to grow is to get a little vulnerable, acknowledge what has happened, and hit reset on your dreams. No I don’t mean wipe them away entirely, I mean a reset. This could come in a number of forms, but generally for me it comes with asking myself a few questions;

  1. Is my dream really what I want, and in line with who I want to be?
  2. Is this action getting me closer to my desired dream?
  3. Should I look into another way to get myself there?
  4. Will this make me happier in the long term?
    and most importantly…
  5. Should I simply Start Over?

Despite my final question using the word “simply”, starting over is, in my experience one of the hardest things to do. Think about it, you poured time and effort into something, shared your enthusiasm with others, and loved when they said how excited they were for you. After countless small fixes, committing things to memory, whatever it is you had to do, when you have to start over, it usually means you didn’t get the result you were seeking.

My most recent reset conundrum has come from a test called the CFA Level 1, for the Chartered Financial Analyst Designation. Getting into the financial world is a dream I am actively working towards, and the CFA is a major stepping stone to get there. The test is quite the beast, an all day affair that only 43% of the writers pass, requiring a recommended 300 hours of study time. When I pulled the trigger by hitting the “submit registration” button and paid over a grand to write this test, it felt like my world opened up. I told everyone how excited I was, I logged 375 study hours, and pushed myself. I was ready to reap the rewards of passing, and chronicled my experience to friends and family. There was nowhere to hide, I was doing this.

Then, I wrote it. It came and went, and I sat waiting for results for the month. When they came and I saw the dreaded “we regret to inform you”, numbness took over my body. I lied to people and said I hadn’t gotten my results yet. Bringing yourself to the point of admitting you have to start over is exhausting and I just couldn’t do it. The worst part of all? I was SO CLOSE to passing. How could I tell people?

One of the hardest things about starting over is being afraid  of the judgement received from others.  Often, when we don’t reach our goals the first time around, we fear people will think we have failed, or see us as less. I assure you that the act of starting over is one of the bravest things you can do.

Before I accepted that I’d have to start over I took some time to “mourn the loss”. I let myself be disappointed, I let myself overanalyze (albeit I should have put a cap on this) and I let myself be just plain angry about it all, mascara running down my face, the whole 9 yards. I definitely took took long in this stage, and that is something I will work on moving forward.

After accepting my fate, I assessed the above previously mentioned questions, and determined YES I 100% had to start over. I have to suck it up, put on the big girl heels and write the damn  test again. So here we are. I am trying to amp myself up before I hit submit to register, but I am ready to give it another go.

The key way I got to this place was by thinking of all of the other times I have started over in my life. School, artwork, business, job hunt, I have always come out with the right situation for me. Moral of this is that dang universe is always listening and knows what is best.

So I am going to start over, learn from my previous mistakes and kick the crap out of the CFA level 1 this June to the best of my ability. If I keep doing the same thing over and over, I won’t get anywhere, but by taking stock of some of my less intelligent choices (like just studying when I was “feeling it” vs actually carving out some time) this can be a real game changer. So let’s wipe the slate clean folks, learn from our mistakes and start over.

Maybe you think I am lame. Maybe you don’t think I am smart enough to pass. Maybe you think I should cut my losses, but I am not ready yet.

As mentioned in previous musings posts, I have overcome adversity and at this point I really don’t give a damn what you think. My head is out of the sand now, I am awake and I am determined.

Moral of the story, we all have to start over. It honestly can suck. Sometimes it guts us, torments us, and makes us feel like less of a person. In the end, those who start over instead of giving up are some of the strongest people in the world, and  become some of the most successful. So have a glass of wine, put on your pump up music, and start handling it. I may not be a finance professional yet but I sure as shit am closer than I was yesterday. When have you had to start over? Was it worth the pain? (I bet it was)




Top 5 Quotes About Starting Over

So starting over….. it sometimes sucks. It even has a bad rep as many people consider starting over to be synonymous with failure. Straight up it is not.

Starting over is a chance to rebuild, learn, repair, and flourish, pushing to the result you truly deserve.

Later this week I will be releasing my starting over story, but I need some time to get it ready (and convince myself to push “publish”!)

In the mean time, I decided to go with my inner basic and provide you with some ~*~*~*~*~ Inspirational quotes~*~*~*~*~*~

Seriously, I am a sucker for powerful words so here are my favourite top 5 quotes about starting over.




Anyone else ready for an upgrade?



Learning important business lessons from yoga…how downward facing dog can help you double-down on your professional life.



Hand painted YOGA pose rocks @ OM on Locke

Last night I went to a workshop on “Eating for Energy” at a great local Hamilton, Ontario establishment called Om on Locke Street. I found that though I knew a lot of the points that were covered in the workshop my visit really started to make me think about the side of me that likes to explore yoga, clean eating and the “spiritual” side  of myself.

One of the things that really sparked my thoughts flying was when the Health and Nutrition coach Kim Ruzycki noted that one of the things that “Taking time for yourself”, was key to getting more energy.

Despite my usual mantra being “Namast’ay in bed” I do thoroughly enjoy yoga. Yoga draws parallels with fundamental lessons we need to be successful in business. Here are the top things yoga has taught me that I have found important in my career adventures.


  1. Patience is key.
    There are some difficult poses out there. Personally, I had crow pose when I was practicing more frequently, then I lost it…. it’s more of a “NO” pose now (seriously, I just fall over). There aren’t many balance poses a beginner yogi can master on the first shot, it takes patience, practice and commitment to the task. A little bit of work each time gets you there. This is the same in business. Right out of the gate you won’t always know the answer, the company’s process, or the right forecasting method for that project. If you have determination and a bit of patience, you will become an indispensable asset. Stay teachable and all of a sudden everyone will ask YOU for advice, because you took the time to practice and master your craft.
  2. Comfort Zones get you nowhere.
    Such is true in networking, such is true in yoga. If you go to the same teacher and only want to do the same flow over and over again eventually you will become stagnant. In business, being open to the “art” of networking is key to survival. So many stories of ” someone who knew someone got the job” or “elevator pitches” leading to a crack at a tough project exist out there for a reason. It’s scary shit to try something new, but if you don’t you will be in the same place today you were 5 minutes, months and years ago. Take control. Further to this point, the best freakin’ buzzword ever Innovation is a key component in both yoga and business. It is pretty obvious that without innovators in business we wouldn’t have new products, new inventions, or new ways of doing things. Hell, you wouldn’t be reading this blog on a computer, because without innovation we wouldn’t have those! Innovation is a cornerstone in yoga also, through which you can deepen your practice. Changing up breathing patterns, flow sequences, and mantras can yield surprising results so long as you stay open. In addition, our minds are powerful and need to be fed new information on a regular basis. Get the fuck out there already!
  3. You are your greatest asset, take care of yourself.
    Much of the time yoga is viewed as a restorative addition into life. You take time to sit with yourself, your thoughts, and dive deeper into your own rhythms. Yoga also is a compliment to a healthy lifestyle, and can improve both strength and flexibility. In the end, you cannot do yoga without your body, so it is important to take care of it. The same goes for business. Performance is hindered when we are unhealthy, tired, and unable to find passion. Literally you have one body, and one brain with all of those amazing business ideas so take care of it! Eat something green, take a deep breath, and take over the world.
  4. Stay authentic.
    When two identical candidates are left on the table of a hiring manager, oftentimes it comes down to a gut feeling of who would best get along with the team. As humans we are drawn to authenticity, and if you are not being your true self, trust me it will come out in the end. Stick to your principles, back up ideas you really believe in, and be yourself. I promise you will love your career so much more. Furthermore, as people discover inauthenticity, they won’t trust you, ruining your chances of imparting change in your chosen industry.  Yoga also requires us to stay authentic, as we answer to ourselves. We need to be honest about our successes and challenges to learn new abilities and deepen our practice.

Some other key learnings that coexist with yoga and business:

  1. Group energy can be truly awakening (don’t be afraid of teams!)
  2. Start strong
  3. Quiet time is some of the best creative time
  4. Clarify your intent, then set your goals


Thanks for reading!



Interested in some wellness coaching? Give Kim a try! She actually CAME from a corporate background, how cool is that?? Find her at her blog, Picky Diet.

Interested in OM?

Visit them at
They have some killer shirts that I am in love with such as the one pictured below, and host fantastic workshops for the community!


Inner Fire brand yoga tank @ OM on Locke


ALERT TO ALL FELLOW BASICS (and anyone else who gives a shit) MERCURY IS IN RETROGRADE!

Today I posted on my Instagram (@businessbasic) a photo of yesterday’s wine because even though I have a list of blog topics to discuss, I couldn’t get those creative juices flowing. Well low and behold a new (yet already dear) friend of mine posted on Facebook today “Mercury in retrograde needs to retro-gtfo of here.” and everything just fell into alignment.




I don’t know about anyone else but I have been in a funk. Nothing is working right, I can not seem to remember an appointment to save my life, I have been down in the dumps, and plans keep crashing down around me. WHAT GIVES?!

Fucking Mercury, the sneaky little SOB went into retrograde on the 12th of August. Why does this matter? Well for the planet itself it means that there is a perceived reversal in the planet’s West to East movement through the stars and other celestial bodies (1). This means that instead of moving around the sun in the same way all the other planets do, it does the exact opposite. Why is it perceived? Well it isn’t actually changing at all, but the way you would see Mercury move around if you were standing on Earth does. Mercury’s orbit is smaller than Earth’s, and also faster. When it catches up with our planet’s orbit, and subsequently passes it, the illusion that Mercury has changed direction commences. (1)  Neat eh?

So what the heck does this have to do with me and every other latte sipping, yoga pant wearing basic babe freaking out and WHY am I now sitting here as I write this listing out everything that has happened that can be attributed to this perceived shift to my boyfriend like a nut?

If you’ve heard of astrology, then you know that Mercury in retrograde is a constant yet unwanted house guest that passes through our lives, drinks all our almond milk, steals our favourite top, and then bails. In astrology Mercury rules communication, clear thinking, travel and truth so when it looks like its going backwards, our lives turn upside down(2).  People cannot seems to get where they need to be, say what they need to say, and our devices? Yeah they don’t want to communicate either. Not to mention communication with the self can face a serious breakdown. Some things you may notice at this time:

  • Traffic SUCKS more than usual
  • You lose all your data for that big project
  • Electronics, appliances, or vehicles just keep breaking down
  • Flights are delayed or cancelled
  • You forget important documents like a passport or health card at home
  • If you’re like me…. you show up on the wrong day to see the doctor even though you had it in your planner
  • You want to get out your mermaid blanket (wait…. you don’t have one of those? You are missing out), switch on the Netflix and hermit away from the world
  • You feel stuck in a rut that you just cannot escape

So what can we do in this time of confusion? Below are some tips to make the best out of the crazy time we face.


  1. BACK UP YOUR DATA. Seriously just do it. Save yourself the headache, and triple save your hard work on that project or else you may find it lost before the deadline.
  2. TAKE A DEEP BREATH. This rut will not last forever, this is not the normal you. Use this time to breath, reflect, and be thankful for some of the things that have gone great recently. In addition if you find you just are not able to get your point across during a discussion (or argument) take a breather, and calmly state your point again. You’d be surprised how much conflict can be avoided when this is done.
  3. REVISIT OLD PROJECTS. As Mercury “moves backwards” it is a good time to circle back to unfinished business. You will find yourself more able to pick up where you left off, and cross those things off of your to do list. Don’t have any? Reach out to old friends you have not talked to in a long time. The backwardness of this communication period facilitates those conversations more easily.
  4. JUST ACCEPT THAT THIS IS A CRUMMY TIME AND TRIPLE CHECK EVERYTHING. I know as a busy businesswoman I am often too busy to read all of the details as I am off to take over the world. Now more than any other time however, lines can get crossed. Making a big purchase? Read every inch of the warranty to make sure if something is wrong you can bring that sucker back. New contract? (though you should read it anyway) read it over and make sure that when you sign on the dotted line it is exactly what you signed up for. Going away? Write a list of what you need to bring, and check each item off the list as you pack it. Then check again and put another checkmark beside that item on the list. You aren’t going anywhere without a passport.
  5. EMBRACE IT. This is traditionally a time where creative people thrive due to different patterns of thinking and new directions popping up all over the place. Tune out the complaints from other people by taking your creative side for a spin. Want to paint? GO FOR IT! Rearrange your office space? Absolutely. OR see if you can generate some great new business ideas, flesh them out really well, and when you’re good and ready, grab a coffee and dominate the industry. Hang in there, you’ve got this.




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