I don’t need different snacks, I need equal playing time.

Superbowl happened.



JK I actually really enjoy sports, however, have been out of the loop this year with school (At least regarding hockey I can use this as an excuse to ignore how poorly my team has been doing this season)…

And you know what else happens with Superbowl? Superbowl snacks Crazy Ads. Honestly just straight up gluttony. I am okay with that and thoroughly missed having a greasy AF party to celebrate men in tights.

Why then, is it that one of the Superbowl staples, Doritos, seems to want to abandon me by creating a “lady-safe” snack? Why can’t I enjoy beer, licking my fingers free of Dorito dust, and just genuinely being a snack monster?

While I realize that the whole “Lady Doritos” phenomenon may have been blown out of proportion it does raise an interesting point in my mind. WHY THE HELL are we focused on how we package foods to women, instead of focusing on getting us onto the damn field (figuratively)?

There still is disparity regarding women as CEOs, women on BODs (Board of Directors), women in trades, etc. I realize there are differences between the sexes. Fundamental, scientific differences called hormones and physical and psychological differences that result because of them.  However, it just makes me ache when a woman in a spot like Indra Nooyi, (a freakin’ CEO!!!!) in a position to make all sorts of amazing change… has comments come out of her mouth about how women don’t like to crunch too loud in public.

GIRL USE YOUR HEAD! When you are in a position to make a difference, even if it is just to one person, choose your words wisely. Ms. Nooyi is in a position to influence the lives of many women and help them believe in their power to do whatever their hearts desire, and now, at least to me, her credibility is gone.

Whether or not Lady Doritos were a thing, whether or not what was said was meant, it is still out there, immortalized in the Twitter-verse.

Women need to lift each other up as much as they possibly can, provide support, love, and encouragement. Once we are able to do that for each other, we can ask that of the men in our lives (or at least that they ally with us more).

Either way, I have free will.

I choose to support EVERYONE around me regardless of gender.

I choose to follow and promote people making a difference.

And I choose to eat my snacks however I damn well please.

Gonna go kick some ass, take some names, drink some coffee, and get my equal playing time.

Rant over.



Meal Prep Staples

Here’s a list of the things I use to make meal prep easier because I have too many ideas bouncing around in my head right now!

Meal prep is essential for my busy lifestyle, and to mitigate discomfort from food allergies! It also keeps me from snacking on things, and eating out all the time which is not healthy for my wallet on this student budget.

This counts, right?




  1. Rice. I prefer black rice/ forbidden rice, but you can use anything with a nutritional value. It fills you up, and forbidden rice actually provides the highest amount of protein out of the various types. Plus, I like the texture best. Back rice being so dark signals that it has some serious antioxidant properties. Similar to blackberries and blueberries, (they are deeper in colour because of their high content of anti-oxidants). The outermost layer of the grain has large amounts of the antioxidant-anthocyanin. In fact, the amount of anthocyanin contained in black rice is higher than any other grain! That stuff is good for your heart, by restricting free radical movements and reducing inflammation.

  2. Chickpeas, garbanzo beans, whatever you want to call them they’re the bomb.com. I love them because you can crisp them up as a healthy alternative to a crouton, turn them into hummus (who doesn’t love dips, seriously.), or soak them in lemon and pepper and turn them into a tasty side dish. They fill you up, are packed with fiber, potassium, calcium and many other benefits. Best of all if you are eating plan- based like I tend to, they aren’t soy, so you don’t have to worry about extra estrogen properties.
  3. Frozen blueberries. Have you ever had a really sad blueberry and thought damn… what a waste? I have. It is just like biting into nothingness with texture. Womp womp. I like to buy frozen blueberries so I do not waste what I’ve got, can keep them as long as I need, and enjoy year-round. Great for smoothies, baking breakfast breads, or leaving out to defrost then eat, these guys are an A+ quickie for your freezer.
  4. Whole wheat flour. Listen, I am a terrible baker. Maybe it’s because I am not all that into sweets, or more likely it is my lack of patience…. but I stink at it. That being said, flour is an essential to your pantry, so why not go with something unbleached, and that actually contains all of the nutrients it is supposed to? I use this to thicken sauces, make pizza crust, bread things, make whole-wheat walnut banana bread, breakfast bread, just a lot of bread ok?
  5. Giant tub o greens. If you’re not eating your greens, you’re probably not doing “it” (eating healthy) right. I buy the big one so  I can eat them every day, and get a 50/50 mix of spinach and others. Vitamins, minerals, fiber, nitrates (they help burn fat) etc etc etc… the list goes on of the benefits, and they can spice up any dish!
  6. Hemp Hearts or hemp seeds are rich in healthy fats and essential fatty acids. They are also a killer source of protein and have high amounts of vitamin E, phosphorus, potassium, sodium, magnesium, sulfur, calcium, iron, and zinc. They are nutty, great as a salad topper, smoothie addition (can you tell I like smoothies?), and addition to any steamed/roasted veggies you eat with dinner. Hey,  these guys on top of roasted potatoes? NO CONTEST ❤
  7. Firm tofu. I do not eat tofu every day as I am still very soy-conscious, however, I love me some firm tofu. The best way to deal with it is called a dry-fry, where you heat your pan up hot, and plop it down, ensure each side is crispy. Then you can do what you want with it (salad, side dish, wrap, etc etc etc). I have also been experimenting with tofu marinates, and seriously they can make you a tofu fan even if you’re not. It is highly likely if you hate tofu that you have had poorly prepped, poorly cooked tofu from a random restaurant. Give it a shot, it is a solid source of protein and contains all eight essential amino acids. It is also an excellent source of iron and calcium and the minerals manganese, selenium and phosphorous. Holla.
  8. Plant milk. Okay so I like coconut milk but jeeze, just pick what you like. I am lactose intolerant, so that is my motivation for plant milk. It is good for smoothies, good for soups, lattes, etc. Though be warned: coconut milk doesn’t froth the same as other options so you won’t have the foam you’re used to.

    Anyway, that’s it for now, I have some actual posts in the works, but hopefully, this gives you some ideas to help you make your own healthy meals at home! Trust me, the food-court Chinese takeout noodles are okay once in awhile, but the brain fog that comes from them is SO NOT WORTH IT.




Well it’s been a hot minute hasn’t it?

This blog has really not been on the top of my list, though in honesty it should have been higher. So welcome to 2018, 2k18, whatever you want to call it, where I hope to post weekly! That’s the goal.

The truth is that the last month of 2017 I let completely slip by as I moved in an ongoing spiral deeper into myself, my mental illness, and let the darkest parts of the world take over.  I could not even lift the curtain for brief seconds to see the good in the world. I can say I haven’t been that deep in it since I was first diagnosed, and I really didn’t enjoy it.

Am I better? Well, not yet no. But I want to be. So this post is a little bit of therapy, a lot of honesty in admitting to myself something was wrong, and a commitment to do better for 2018. I had already started this process with regards to studying earlier for my CFA. I cheated on my new years resolution and started early, how scandalous! However I have taken some time to do deep reflection on what I want this year to look like for me, so I also didn’t make classic resolutions. Whoops.

My resolution this year is to stick to two over-arching themes, and follow through.

  1. Do more of what I love
  2. Be excellent

The thing is that deep down I really do LOVE learning, and finance, and working out, and school, and I want to do more of it. A lot of times the internet speaks about doing what you love, and everyone is out travelling and “finding themselves”. I like to find myself through my own spiritual practices and reading. I love to learn from local practitioners. I love what I am doing, and since starting blogging have felt guilty that I am not doing more classic bloggy things. Screw it. I am going to do me, and travel later. I am doing to do me, and not worry that I am not working from a beach. I also am going to drink more wine with friends and not feel shitty about that either because it’s pretty much my favourite. I love exploring my own city (Toronto). That’s why I moved here, because I love it. SO I am going to get to know it and fall in love with it.

And I am going to all of these things I love, and be excellent at them. I am not going to over-extend myself to be the be-all end-all do it all kind of Instagram girl that exists in my news feed. Striving for true excellence in a craft, that is what makes me happy. That is what I will be doing this year. Striving for excellence, and not apologizing for doing some more low key things that I enjoy.  Being amazing at what you love doing takes time, and the one thing we forget is that you can’t do it all at once.

This year I choose to graduate my MBA, crush the CFA for real this time, become a better business professional, and find my spirituality on my time, on my terms. Also, I am going to be really, really fucking good at it.

Musing over, and I promise some very useful content coming your way soon!






11 Ideas for #SelfcareSunday

Hey all!


Self care has been taking social media and marketing by storm and to be honest, I am all for it! I love the idea that society is promoting taking some time out for yourself, you really do deserve it.


Image result for selfcaresunday

That being said, here is a fun list of ideas you can implement for #selfcaresunday! Do you already practice this? What do you like to do for self-care? Let me know in the comments below!


  1. Champagne, movie and popcorn date
    • I just did this with my boyfriend this weekend! We had only a mini bottle (so about a glass each) some popcorn, and Thor… (I think he put that on mostly for me). Self care doesn’t necessarily have to be BY yourself. Also bubbles go very well with salty snacks according to most sommeliers!
  2. Aromatherapy bath 
    • Lavender, orange, bergamot, idk whatever you want really. Stick some essential oils and epsom salts in and enjoy! My personal favourite blend is Pink Himalayan salt detox soak from Arbonne that has turmeric in it to help promote skin radiance. This has grapefruit, tangerine, lavender, juniper berry, ginger, orange and rosemary to promote an overall sense of refreshedness and well being.

    • Don’t punish yourself, just go for it! Sometimes the best thoughts come to me in the morning when I am wrapped up snug in the covers with my cat sleeping on my head. Maybe you don’t need the cat sleeping on your head, but I guarantee you need sleep, so go for it.  Take a cue from the puppy below and get your beauty sleep!Image result for sleep in
  4. Go for a walk and contemplate life, love and the pursuit of happiness.
    • Bonus points if it is a nature walk. In all seriousness, walking really can help you feel better, especially if you are looking to create a positive mindset shift. Time to think about things in your life, mull over any pressing issues, and appreciate your surroundings are all pretty important. I have found when I walk around the city, I really begin to recognize how thankful I am to be there, especially after a hard day at work. The main point with this is do your best to walk around somewhere you really enjoy, and the feelings of gratitude will follow.
  5. Buy a book that makes you better and read it.
  6. Try a new recipe.
    • Pinterest is great for this! Just pick some rando ingredient in your fridge, type in “recipes with x” and go to work! You will be surprised at how great a chef you really are when you put your mind to it!
  7. Go out and treat yourself to a MINDBLOWING meal.
    • That restaurant with the lobster tail tacos you have been wanting to try? GO FOR IT. Especially on the days when trying a new recipe just sounds like a death sentence, get someone else to cook for you! But full stop: make it worth it. You work hard for your cash, so make it an epic meal. Image result for waiter cartoon
  8. Phone a friend.
    • Though I am not quite sure when we decided phoning was lame as heck, I have realized since I have had to start #adulting that it is actually nice to hear someone’s voice instead of the general “sup” “nm u?” texting routine we get into. So stop being lame, pick up the phone and call your lady friends. I guarantee it’ll probably make her day too if she has time to chat! You can actually dial in to eachother’s emotions better, and connect! I will also count facetime/skype/ any interaction other than text and meme-tagging as acceptable aha!

      Image result for girls on the phone

      my face listening to my bestie’s latest tinder gossip

  9. Spend your time doing your makeup-just because.
    • I don’t know what it is about makeup for me, but the transformation brings me joy. I usually end up laughing at the mess I have created in comparison to the MUA on YouTube, but honestly since starting this practice, my skills have improved a whole bunch! Do something you’d never do before, and let go of the outcome, especially since you can wash it off so easily!
  10. Update your vision board.
    • Get clear on your goals, get visual about them and dream freakin’ huge. It makes a difference when you get up and see your goals every day, which is why vision boards are amazing. I also love the artistic appeal of arranging my quotes and inspirations, goals, wins, etc all on the board. Who knows, if you’re lucky I will share mine with you one day 😀
  11. The almighty: WORKOUT! 
    • Pairs well with a nice aromatherapy bath afterward ;). Plus working out creates endorphins, and endorphins make you happy, and happy people just don’t shoot their husbands! (sound statement from Elle Woods y’all)

      Image result for elle woods endorphins

      And Brooke ended up innocent so moral is: get your sweat on!

My current top 10 songs to jam to when searching for your inner badass

When I am looking for motivation I often turn to music to get me into my groove.


So that being said, in a nice short post, here are the current top 10  songs in my rotation that you’re likely to find my jamming out to at my desk or on the treadmill. I legit air drum when I run… it’s a thing.


  1. Feel it still – Portugal the Man
  2. Savage – Lights
  3. Thunder – Imagine Dragons
  4. Everything is Alright – The Glorious Sons
  5. Check Yes Juliet – We the Kings
  6.  Havana – Camila Cabello ft Young Thug
  7. American Woman- The Guess Who
  8. Up We Go – Lights
  9. The Man – The Killers
  10. Downtown – Icona Pop


Anyway, these are my current get shit done jams, and also Campfire by Childish Gambino is pretty much permanently on that list, so never ask if that’s changed….. it hasn’t.


Maybe one of these songs will pump you up too, and you’ll finally finsih that report you owe your boss.





On Integrity.

So I was going to write a post about a fabulous women’s talk I went to, but that is going to have to wait for another time. I am up now, tossing and turning, and using my blog as my way to get the anxiety and anger that I am feeling out due to something I came across today. I won’t get into the details, that is not what this post is about. This post is meant to make you think, and reconsider how you act on a daily basis.


Image may contain: text


I want to talk about integrity, especially in business.

Let’s start with a classic opening line to any good speech “Integrity is defined as….” (oh yes I am going there)

Integrity is defined in the Merriam Webster dictionary as three parts

  • Incorruptibility – firm adherence to a code of especially moral (or artistic) values.
  • Soundness – an unimpaired condition
  • Completeness – quality or state of being complete or undivided.
Now why I am laying this out for you is so that we are CRYSTAL CLEAR before I get started.
It is my opinion that to act with integrity means a few things in business
  • To conduct your due diligence in any matter, and understand any potential risk involved in any project, task or other portion of your business.
  • To be transparent about the risk.
  • To go against the grain and challenge the status quo when it is unethical, immoral, unjust, or inconsistent.
  • To continue to support proper messaging completely, and be undivided from your purpose to serve others.

In the end, all business no matter what it is: finance, marketing, sales, construction, auditing, hair, medical, or any other type is at its core a service to others.

If you expect to be treated as someone of value, everything you put into your work, everything you message out to your team, and every attitude you carry forward should have integrity laying under it. You should not be changing your mind when it is convenient to do so; you should be keeping the service of others at the forefront of your mind.

If we all operate from the mentality of being “servant leaders” and work to create a joint and more caring world, we will be ok. But that all starts with being honest, and doing what is right, even when it is hard.

A servant-leader is servant first… combined with the conscious choice to aspire to lead. Coming from the servant-leader mentality is a profoundly different way of leadership thinking, as a servant-leader takes care to make sure other people’s highest priority needs are being served. This type of leader helps with the growth and well being of people and the communities they are a part of. Sometimes traditional leadership can have an unbalanced accumulation of power for the person at the top of the heap. The servant leader shares this power via knowledge and puts the needs of others ahead of their own to help others develop and perform at the highest they possibly can.

Doesn’t that sound awesome? We need more of this.

But it starts with integrity in your business. It starts with doing the right thing, being transparent, and taking pride in the good that you believe in. Don’t bring the successful down, don’t taint the marketplace with false or unsafe information to get a sale (or win a client or contract or whatever) and always stay complete and undivided in your ethical standards.

If you do not operate with integrity in your business, you are no better than the image of the used car salesman we all still have stuck in our heads.

It starts with you. If you want to talk the talk about mindset, working hard, ambition, and a better life, you have to walk the walk, even when its tough.





(1) https://www.greenleaf.org/what-is-servant-leadership/


How the hell to work Excel

Today I have decided to post about something practical, that really anyone in business, but especially in the financial industry should know about, Microsoft Excel.


So first off, assuming we know nothing (and have been living under a rock since the 90’s) what the hell is it?

Excel is a spreadsheet software first developed in 1987 for Windows computers. It has since progressed to be available for Apple devices so don’t fret! The program is also powerful and has calculation, graphing, tables, and the ability to add in your own programs via Visual Basic “macros”. Why should you care about something out of the 80’s? Excel is pretty much universal in all workplaces for reporting, tracking, calculating, quantifying, etc etc etc. It is imperative to at least know some basics, and the capabilities that are out there, so you’re prepared to #slay all day long.


How can Excel help you? Let’s take a look at some key functions and capabilities! (Yes, inside I am a HUGE nerd and that excited)


Ok so VLOOKUP is pretty much your life if you are in finance. This is the shit. It is a lookup and reference function that lets you find your info in a table or range (area of data) in a column.

Basically what it is saying to you is: I am VLOOKUP, what do you want? where is it? Do I need to find the exact thing or just get close?

=VLOOKUP(Value you want , range where it is, the column number in the range containing the return value, Exact Match or Approximate Match – indicated as 0/FALSE or 1/TRUE).

Example? find a particular security in a list of thousands in a certain industry.

In the cell I wanted to have the value returned in (displayed to me), I would type:

=VLOOKUP(SECABC, A1:A45, 0) which says find me SECABC in column A, and it must be exactly that.

HLOOKUP is the exact same, just for things across a row of data (ie A:C) 🙂

How do you remember the difference?


Just remember:

To effectively use the VLOOKUP function  your data needs to be well organized and suitable for using the function.

VLOOKUP works in a left to right order, so you need to ensure that the information you want to look up is to the left of the corresponding data you want to extract.



These little dope shows are one of the most powerful things Excel can do, understanding them makes you super valueable, AND a simple one takes about a minute to build.Being able to quickly analyze data can help you  and your team make better business decisions. Sometimes in a sea of data, it’s hard to know where to start. PivotTables summarize, analyze, explore, and present your data in an easy to read and understand format. PivotTables are highly flexible and can be quickly adjusted depending on how you need to display your results. You can also create PivotCharts based on PivotTables that will automatically update when your PivotTables do. HOW COOL!

How you can build a PivotTable in a minute:

  1. Select any cell in the source data
  2. On the Insert tab of the ribbon (the top menu), click the PivotTable button
  3. In the Create PivotTable dialog box, check the data and click OK
  4. Drag a “label” field into the Row Labels area (e.g. customer)
  5. Drag a numeric field into the Values area (e.g. sales)
  6. Behold your work in wonder and amazement.

Pivot tables can create easy to read parts lists, financial statements, recipes, sales leads, pretty much anything. Hell, they can even display your shoe data by type colour and cost if you’re into that sort of thing.



If you know the result that you want from a formula, but are not sure what input value the formula needs to get that result, use the Goal Seek feature. It is basically a magic genie in a bottle for helping you reach your goals!

For example, suppose that you are like me and run a side hustle. You know how much money you want to make this month, and generally which of your products you sell easily.   You can use GoalSeek to determine what mix of products you will need to secure in order to meet your goal.

GoalSeek does all your worrying for you and runs multiple what-if scenarios to find an ideal solution. This is helpful for sales (as I mentioned), loans (finding interest rates), capacity problems, staffing, and many other business functions.



Image result for goal achieved


It can be a real bitch to waste time staring into the abyss that is a sloppy Excel workbook with endless data. Charts allow you to illustrate your workbook data graphicallywhich makes it easy to visualize comparisons and trends. What does that mean? Make it pretty, and easy to read in under 10 seconds. This is expecially useful when displaying research data, market data, or anything else where you are looking to see what is #trending.

How do I make these magical masterpieces?

  • Get your data into Excel. First, you need to input your data into Excel. Duh.
  • Go to the ribbon (we talked about this, its on the top) and hit INSERT CHARTS.
  • Switch axes, if necessary.
  • Adjust your labels and legends
  • Change the Y axis measurement options
  • Reorder data, if desired.

Hold up, what do I mean switch axes? Sometimes you may want to change the way charts group and display your data. For example, you have a bunch of data that are grouped by year, with columns for each type. However, we could switch the rows and columns so the chart will group the data by type, with columns for each year. In both cases, the chart contains the same data—it’s just organized differently, and shows different trends.

Also remember, a good chart or graph should have ACCURATE, DESCRIPTIVE labels so the person checking it out knows what the HELL they are looking at.

Image result for good excel chart vs bad


The above is an example of a lazy, shitty Excel chart. Day? what day is it? Did you start on Monday? What month are we in? Temperature… well is this Fahrenheit, Celsius, KELVINS????? Did you divide shit by 10 somewhere for fun? HOW WOULD I KNOW?

It has a title, and a subtitle for further explanation, tells me units, and what the hell I am looking at. Slight criticism: Maybe go for Year instead of Period (you never know these days… I am pretty blonde and might get confused), but overall I gfet the idea of what I am looking at.



PLEASE KNOW THESE. PLEASE. Using AutoFilter or built-in comparison operators such as “greater than” and “top 10” can let you show only the data you want. Select your data, go to the top, go to DATA and select Sort and Filter.Once you have filtered data in a range of cells or table, you can either reapply a filter to get up-to-date results, or clear a filter to find all your shit again.
After you filter data, you can copy, find, edit, format, chart, and print the subset of filtered data without rearranging or moving it.

You can also filter by more than one column. Filters are additive, which means that each additional filter is based on the current filter and further reduces the data.

OK so no I didn’t treat y’all like children and explain in depth what a cell, column or row is, and how to open up the program. You are smart enough to figure it out. The point I am trying to get across is that these are the basics (IMO) of useful functions. These will make you extremely valuable at work. Keep in mind there is so much more to Excel!  There are calculations built in there (yes the addition and subtraction basics) like Net Present Value, which saves you a LOT of work. You can do so many amazing things, and automate processes to make you a lean, mean Excel machine! If you want to hear more about Excel, and get some more details from my perspective comment below, and I will do another post!






BONUS TIP: (Submitted by my bestie at MBA School) The almighty “$”

NOT MONEY GUYS, this is an EXCEL post!

The $ in Excel allows you to anchor a row or column.

Image result for anchor
When you copy formulas from a certain cell and send them to others in your spreadsheet, the formulas will copy cells referred in that formula relative to the position where they are being copied to.

For example

In Cell A1, I have 5.

In Cell B1, I have the formula +A1.  B1  will now show you the value of 5 (since 5 appears in Cell A1).

When I copy the formula in Cell B1 to B2, Excel will copy the formula ‘relative’.  If you look in the newly copied formula in Cell B2, you will see the formula +A2 (where as the original formula it was copied from was +A1).

Sometimes you don’t want this happening, like if you are adding in a constant factor to your calculation. The dollar sign ‘anchors’ a column, row or both.


If I wanted to anchor the cell reference, instead of having the formula +A1 in Cell B1, I would sneak in $ before both the column and row reference (e.g. +$A$1). NOW if I copied that formula from Cell B1 to B2, instead of seeing +A2 (relative), you see the formula +$A$1 in Cell B2.  No matter where on the spreadsheet I copied this formula to, because it is anchored, it would always read +$A$1.

One month in… living the dream

So it has officially been one month since I moved to Toronto!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Overall I have just been extremely happy. This truly is my favourite place to be. I love city life, and I love that my partner and I worked hard to make this happen.

So here are some quick pros and cons of city life so far. I am thinking about writing about groceries soon, anyone out there have any city shopping tips?





The view just outside my condo!


I AM HERE! and so lucky and happy and just all the feels!

Learning about different restaurants (certainly a con on my bank account though)

Walking to work

Walking to work in the underground PATH system! A+


Free shit happening ALL the time. Right now, that is super clutch since we had to adult-spend on a bunch of household items. How lame.

SO MANY COFFEE PLACES! – I think I am going to set a goal to try 50 in one year…. thoughts?

I feel like one classy bitch drinking wine under the city lights

Just pretty much the pure joy I feel being here. I wake up every day and am thankful and energized (well as energized as a non-morning person  can be). It is amazing.

It’s just us. Just him, me, and the cat makes three.

The networking opportunities for the blog and my career are endless. Now I can actually attend many of my Women in Capital Markets events which is very exciting!

Yes I am one of those annoying #blessed chicks now. Too bad for you!



Lack of trails for hiking- yes I know I can adventure to one but  I have not had time yet.

Legit only saw fall leaves on 1 tree near my condo. We are right in the downtown core, so there is a lot of concrete. (This basic needs her fall y’all)

No car. – I miss my car Walker a whole lot. I just love my car so much (yes I named it). Even though we have no need to drive, I have weird separation anxiety from it right now.

Laundry – OMG apartment sized washers and dryers are so time consuming! We are so lucky to have laundry right in the condo but since everything is mini it takes 50 years to dry stuff, and you have to do many tiny loads of laundry…. my hair is turning grey just waiting for the done signal!



Transit- ok since I grew up in a small town any transit is good transit to me, however I know many people have lots of gripes about the TTC. Personally, I just don’t want to have to learn a new transit system….. call me lazy.

Groceries- OMFG 1 avocado should NOT cost $5. But at a downtown core grocery store it sure does! Luckily we are not a huge walk from Chinatown and Kensignton, and can get our veggies out there. It is also weird to not have mega-stores around, guess I am just used to that? Also a con: I want to buy EVERYTHING! There are so many unique ingredients down here!

Tips to start your morning right when you really just “can’t even”

I am just not made for mornings. It’s true.
If I had it my way someone would hand deliver me my coffee and read my first set of emails to me while I slowly stretch, however my mornings mostly look like below (except with crazy hair since I am not Audrey Hepburn and despite my wishes do not currently have a 24 hour stylist on hand).

TBB - Holly Golightly Eye Mask

My poor cat listens to me every morning as I do my hair, makeup, pour my coffee, and generally drag myself around my apartment, lament the adulting that my life has come to. However, since moving into my own place, I have began to start to get my shit together, semi-adult like, and have been pushing to complain less. Complaining breeds contempt and even if I don’t enjoy mornings, I do enjoy my beautiful condo, working my business, my day job, and my boyfriend so I don’t have much to complain about. To stop my whiney morning ritual, I have been implementing some changes, and I am slowly becoming calm in the mornings.


1 .  Remove Decisions

  • Pick out your clothes the morning before, get your lunch together the night before, and if you’re like me at all, choose your lipstick too. Seriously, the auto-pilot that is my morning readiness is so wonderful, because my brain can be half awake as I get dressed, do my makeup and move into my professional bad-ass self.


2.  The Multiple Alarm Count-down

  • I just suck at getting up. Once I am up things can improve but the beginning is pretty bad. So I have made myself an alarm system that works for me. 1 hour before my targeted wake-up time, an alarm goes off. Then, 30 minutes before my targeted wake-up time, another. Then 10 minutes before, then the final alarm. I know this may seem ridiculous, however it keeps me on my toes and sometimes I am even ready to go at the 10 minutes before alarm. It works. Also, if you ever find yourself sleeping through your alarm, at least you can catch yourself. I have been known to turn mine off in my sleep.

3. Lavender-Lemon essential oil blend with 2 minute meditation.

  • This is a secret weapon for me. I sit there with my coffee, and turn on my EO diffuser with a 2:1 Lemon:Lavender mix. Lavender IS known for its relaxing properties, however in the mornings it helps me group my thoughts. I tend to be racing around all the time inside my own head, ESPECIALLY in the morning so the scent brings me back to earth. Lemon is a citrus scent and great for any time of year. Did you know citrus scents actively produce the happy chemical serotonin?! How freakin’ cool! (I need to eat more oranges then….) This makes you feel good even when you have to emerge from your cover-fort after a good nights sleep. find my personal faves here. Meditation is new to me, and I am not always the best at it, but gathering myself in the morning has become an important ritual. You can even just wake up and meditate on things you are thankful for, to start the day off right. Another great phrase to meditate on is “I am capable”. If you face an especially challenging day ahead, sit with your eyes closed and think “I am a capable, boss bitch who can slay that client meeting” (or whatever else you need to say). Your mindset will be UNREAL when you get to work!

4. Don’t criticize yourself.

  • Look, mornings are tough. I have accepted that I will never be a part of the “5 AM” club, and that I HATE kale smoothies with a passion (seriously, I must suck at making them because no matter what I do they taste like grass), and that sometimes my crow pose is on point, and other times I really should just stop before I hurt myself and fall over. In the end, new habits, new techniques, and new skills all take practice. Learning to appreciate the stillness of the morning will take time and determination, but you will get there. Personally, I am on hustle setting a billion so that one day, I don’t HAVE to worry about what time I get up. For now, I’ll stick to my multiple alarm count-down method and have a small dance party every time I actually get up in the morning. You do you my friend, as long as you put in the effort you’ll succeed!

The art of gratitude in a selfish world

What is Canadian Thanksgiving without a post about gratitude, what you’re thankful for etc? This shit practically could write itself (1. coffee, 2. heels…..) however my post today isn’t going to be a “Top Ten” or “Countdown” of things I am thankful for this season. This post is a reality check, and a writing on bringing yourself back to a happier, healthier place through gratitude.



Our world is selfish. That is, our modern, rich, first world countries are selfish. We take and buy and want more on a regular basis. Got a great job? Oh but I need the promotion right away? Got a new top? Oh, but I can’t afford it in every colour so I must suck. Don’t look like the models on Instagram? Gotta go buy something to fix that so I can be better looking. Notice it is all about “I”. Yes there are BEAUTIFUL humanitarian efforts out there, however my gripe with those is that sometimes (more often than not) you get to put your name up on display, change your Facebook photo with a “stand for Paris” filter, or advertise online about your current race you are running, asking for pledges. While I know the principal of marketing where you have to get something out of it, it is like we feel a need for the world to THANK us for our contributions. (mind you if people got an award every time they held the door open for someone with an arm full of stuff maybe they’d do it more often….). The question remains, as we band together to do these amazing things, is it more important to take a selfie or reflect on the amazing life we currently have?

Gratitude and actively seeking out the good in your day can really alter  your perspective, and make it easier to get up in the morning. For example, switching industries has been very tough for me. I am pretty much the newbie in every meeting since I have the  least experience, and oftentimes struggle through. However when work is tough and I find myself ugly-crying in the elevator at the end of the day I get it together after and think about how lucky I am. I get to change industries while others are stuck in a world they hate due to necessity. The chance I have been given is once in a lifetime. So EVEN when the day sucks, I am still so thankful for getting my shot. Pretty sweet right?

Moving past ME and my ambitions though, I am also grateful for the ability to influence others lives in a positive way. The internet is a huge platform to allow each of us to connect and make someone’s day a little brighter from a million miles away. It also allows us to band together, and create changes in the world through connecting over similar interests. Then there is the ability we all have to simply smile at someone in the hallway, and change the trajectory of their day. That is a pretty amazing power, and one I am grateful to have and put into practice.

So how can you start being grateful in a world that keeps telling you that what you have is not good enough? You buckle down and get serious about your gratitude.  First, start with things you are simply thankful for and write them down. Selfish or not, you have to start somewhere, and writing things down can solidify them. Now, begin to think about how you can integrate this into your routine. Once a week? Once a day? Start where you need to just like a work out. Take time every weekend to write down what you are grateful for that happened to you that week, the things in your home you love, etc. Over time, you will notice you are writing for awhile and it will be beneficial to write everyday. This stems from the idea to take time to reflect. If you have a quiet moment, think of what you are grateful for. Make a small list, and then return to daydreaming, it will become habit.

This all being said, sometimes we can feel lost when we embark on a new adventure, so below are some quick tips to starting.

  • Start with things you own ie: your favourite pair of shoes, laptop, anything you get joy from. Just be grateful you own it!
  • Next try being grateful for something in your town.
  • Next try listing out people in your life you are grateful for.
  • Next list out qualities about yourself you are grateful for.
  • Next list things in the world you are grateful for (specific countries you took a trip in, anything like that).
  • Finally, and most importantly, every time you reflect on gratitude, think of WHY you are grateful for it. This will help solidify the positive and really, truly make you see how lucky you are.


Have a fantastic day all! I hope you feel #thankful, #grateful, and #blessed, and will use practicing gratitude to bring more sunshine to your day!





PS- Here is a great 30 day challenge to get you started! Let me know how you are doing, and if you want to see my 30 day challenge follow me on Instagram @businessbasic !