BusinessBasic Product Review: Hidden Crown Hair Extensions!


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These extensions make me feel awesome and ready to take on any challenge!

In the quintessential definition of “basic bitch” I have always wanted beautiful, disney princess-level mermaid locks. That being said, the experiments I have conducted on my hair since my early high school days finally took their toll and in April of this year I had to make the decision to chop my hair. 

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My bleach blonde Mother of Dragons hair at the World Biomaterials Congress 2016









After channelling my inner badass and maintaining Daenerys Targaryen level blonde for a solid amount of time, I switched to rose gold until securing my first professional co-op placement in my MBA. Though the rose gold was subtle, it was not the most welcomed colour in a hospital administrator role.

Screen Shot 2017-08-01 at 2.39.00 PM

Rose Gold hair, January 2017




Furthermore, having no experience in the industry, I really wanted to make a good impression on my new potential professional network, and bleached my hair back to its natural blonde state (not white blonde). After all of this turmoil my hair gave up. It started splitting right up the shaft, clumps coming out every time I ran a brush through it. No matter what mask I used or supplements I took, I could not reverse the damage I had done. Fried hair is NOT cute, not at all. I looked frazzled at all times, and gave off the impression that I could not handle the tasks assigned to me due to my disheveled look. Though I am a HUGE believer than anyone is capable no matter what they look like, I also recognize that we are judged on our appearance every day. Between that, and being a newbie to this  professional world, and seeking to break into the finance and banking industry it was time for a change.

Then the chop came, and my confidence plummeted along with my dead ends straight to the floor at my hairdressers’ place. She did a beautiful job with a professional cut but I no longer felt like myself. It may seem silly, but we all have our confidence boosters and hair is a big one for me. Women look amazing with whatever hair makes them feel best!

My reaction after chopping my hair: DA FUQ?!

After being lectured on the potential risks of gluing, bonding, taping and clipping extensions to gain back some confidence, my hairdresser with a brilliant stroke of genius suggested crown extensions. Removable, and not bonded in any way to my current hair, this style could easily provide me with length, while protecting my current locks as I grew them. Since no weight is placed on the hair shaft, there is very minimal breakage risk to my own hair.

Upon launching into a flurry of research I found Hidden Crown hair extensions online, and saw that they offered free colour matching. Honestly, I am a huge proponent of online shopping so this sat super well with me as I could have a yoga pants and tea party in bed while fulfilling my princess hair dreams.  Hidden Crown provided an extremely speedy response, and even suggested which set of extensions was best based on my description of my hair type. I was thoroughly impressed with the customer service, as well as the resources provided online with regards to placing and styling the hair piece, and decided to go for it.

In short, OH MY GOD best decision I have ever made! 100% human remy hair (highest quality on the market), the Hidden Crown Daydream weft matched my blonde perfectly. I may have gone a bit crazy on length, but watching the styling videos has helped me turn this amazing new addition to my life into both a business and pleasure staple piece. Below I am going to outline some pros and cons of the extensions for easy reading.


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Princess hair side shot

PROS of using HiddenCrown:

  • Wide range of colours available
  • Can dye darker if need be
  • Well made and secured to lace weft
  • Speedy delivery
  • Low maintenance
  • Style like your own hair
  • Many tutorials provided
  • Considering bonded extensions can be thousands of dollars I considered these an affordable option
  • 100% REMY human hair: hair cuticles remain intact for a natural look
  • Double drawn or tapered options for both thin and thick haired users
  • If secured with bobby pins, can be worn during a workout (but it gets fucking hot, so I would not recommend this)
  • Lowest price per gram of hair ($1.82) compared to top competitors
  • Colour matching service very accurate
  • Clear wire is practically invisible on the head


CONS of using HiddenCrown:

  • Price point may be high for some
  • Must remove for sleeping/swimming/exercise
  • Must adjust fitting to style into high bun/ponytail
  • Bead that is used to secure the wire at a specified width is difficult to clamp down without using pliers
  • Cannot be bleached lighter
  • Possibility that the hairpiece may fall out as it is not secured directly to hair shaft
  • Having to put them in every morning does not take long, but is an extra step in the routine
  • You MUST wash and condition these yourself about once a month or every other depending on use. Since the hair is not attached to the shaft, natural oils produced do not permeate the extensions, and they get ratty over time. Just take care of them and you’ll be fine.


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Hidden Crown even whips up into a comfortable ponytail for casual exploration days!

Overall I wanted to thank HiddenCrown immensely for giving me my confidence back, and providing an amazing product that can be used again and again with excellent results. Though hair this long may not scream CEO to everyone, it does to me. I am on the ball and have the confidence to take on new business and personal challenges. No matter what my hair looks like, it is polished and I am ready to take my next co-op term by storm!

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Hair long AF and feeling on point!

Visit HiddenCrown at for your own beautiful new look. Note: HiddenCrown DID NOT contact me for this review. I just am a happy, confident, basic business woman and customer!


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