Product Review: Cookies for Breakfast?! Hell yeah!


Lenny & Larry’s Complete Cookie in Snickerdoodle aka: BREAKFAST 😀


Quick product review comin’ at ya!

I am not a breakfast person, and have a lot of trouble getting food down in the morning, but it is nice to have something in your tummy before you rush your boss butt out the door.  Also full disclosure: I am allergic to eggs, lactose intolerant, and eat vegan 5/7 days a week so I am a bit of a pain when it comes to breakfast.

Enter: my saviour pictured above, Lenny & Larry’s complete cookie! I LOVE IT! Not only did this fantastic cinnamon snickerdoodle taste like heaven in a soft, chewy cookie, the complete cookie kept me satisfied until lunch. Like anything though, read the label to make sure this meets your nutritional needs. I wouldn’t have this for breakfast everyday but if I am in a rush and looking for a treat I would definitely reach for one of these bad boys! Plus, what basic b doesn’t want to have cookies for breakfast? Be honest with yourself.


  • vegan
  • 16g protein per cookie
  • 8g fat per cookie
  • kept me full
  • tasted like a dream
  • can order online
  • no artificial sweeteners (you’re sweet enough already!)
  • many other flavour available (birthday cake, lemon poppyseed, white macadamia nut… the list goes on)
  • not chalky like a protein bar


  • price – expensive if buying individually
  • not gluten free (has wheat gluten)
  • calories – 360 per cookie… then again… it IS a cookie for breakfast
  • may not meet your macro needs

Overall; totally worth it if you’re craving sweets and in a rush. I recommend you give these babies a try, especially if you  want to cut your morning coffee and a donut routine!
Want more info? Visit Lenny & Larry’s at

Note: This post is not sponsored by Lenny & Larry’s, it is my own review


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